QuickHit: Europe is undergoing a ‘partial’ regionalization

In this QuickHit episode, we’re joined by Velina Tchakarova, the Head of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy, to talk about the Europe reconfigurations and regionalizations on global supply chains, manufacturing, digitalization, and other industries. The Austrian Institute for European Security Policy is a think tank, which works very closely with Austrian and European institutions. They provide a macro perspective for geo economic to strategic, geopolitical perspective on current and future developments in the fields of security and defense. Link

Establishing a Far-Reaching Partnership between the EU and India

India and the EU represent two of the world’s largest economies and thus are important players in global economic and trade governance. Currently, the global system reveals an emerging network of regional actors, which seek to navigate the systemic rivalry between the US and China. Following COVID-19, they have a common goal—to play a balancing act between Washington and Beijing without being forced to make the difficult choice of taking sides. Against this background, the EU and India could unlock the potential of their strategic partnership to bring about a more sustainable, rules-based world order by deepening their relations in several key areas. Sectors such as the greening of the econo

COVID19 and the Indo-Pacific Decade

Great powers rise and fall, shaping each transitional period of global power shift and its geographic concentration. Currently, the world is witnessing a profound transformation in the geopolitical arena of international affairs. For the past years, the pundits have been propagating the emergence of an Asian multipolar century, with a shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific realm. However, following the COVID-19 virus outbreak, this year marks the obvious manifestation of an Indo-Pacific decade, with the US, China, and potentially India being the main protagonists in an emerging competition. This time, it is the unfolding of regional centres of power, which create the delusive impression of m

Cracks in the Trump-Europe relationship are turning into a chasm

CNN article by Luke McGee with my contribution. "However, longstanding observers of the alliance accept it has been strained over the past four years -- and will worsen still if Donald Trump beats former vice president Joe Biden in this year's US election. "Trump considers the EU, especially Germany, an economic and trade rival, which means tensions can be expected in the case he gets a second term," says Velina Tchakarova, from the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy. She says that as the EU is taking steps toward "building stronger autonomy in the field of security and defence," Trump tries to "undermine such efforts through his attacks on the European NATO members as well

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