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A Collection of Geopolitical Essays

This collection of geopolitical essays addresses a variety of recent developments in post-Covid 19 global politics. It addresses the emergence of the Indo-Pacific decade, the geopolitical relationship between China and Russia (the DragonBear), the transformation of the global affairs, the increasing bifurcation of the global system, the growing conflict between the Anglosphere and the EU-centric bloc within the West, the emergence of the AUKUS, the complicated relationship between the two Asian giants China and India, the geopolitical gap left by the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Russia's plans in the Indo-Pacific region and Central Asia, and finally, the possible outcomes of the summit between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin ahead of their crucial meeting on February 4, 2022. These geopolitical essays contain geopolitical ideas, concepts, and strategic scenarios for the future of international relations. The essays were published in various publication formats between 2020 and 2022, and most include a bibliography in their original form.


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