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The Background

I have ten years of professional experience and seven years of academic background in the field of foreign, security, and defence policy. Currently, I am the Head of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in Vienna, Austria. My work includes research, consulting, lectures, and publications on global and regional trends, risks and scenarios for the public and private sector.

I apply systems thinking.

I analyze Global System processes and structures, Global Order and the shifts of change.

I assess global trend developments and risks.

I provide an expertise on geopolitical and geoeconomic due diligence as well as systemic risks.

I organize and moderate expert workshops and webinars for public and private clients.

I have predicted the new Global System bipolarity

and coined the term Dragonbear (systemic coordination between China and Russia) since 2015.

My current focus is writing a book on the Dragonbear and deepening my skills on #systemsthinking, #strategicforesight, #geopolitics, #globaltrends, and #GlobalSystem.


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Vienna, Austria

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