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"Geopolitics is the art of understanding the world's power dynamics based on the conundrum of geographical space." 

Velina Tchakarova is an expert in the field of geopolitics with over twenty years of professional experience and academic background in the field of security and defense. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding and analyzing the geopolitical landscape and its impact on businesses and organizations.

Before founding FACE, Velina Tchakarova served as the Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in Vienna, Austria. She continues to share her expertise as an instructor at the Real-World Risk Institute under the direction of best-selling author Nassim Taleb, a member of the Strategic and Security Policy Advisory Board of the Science Commission at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense and serves on the peer board of the Austrian publication Defence Horizon Journal.

Velina Tchakarova offers a wide range of services for customers in the public and private sectors, including research, consulting, lectures, and the publication of papers on geopolitical issues, regional and global trends, risks and scenarios. She also hosts and attends conferences, webinars, expert meetings, and round tables for both private and public sector to provide the latest insights and analysis on geopolitical developments. With her extensive network of experts and real-world experience, Velina Tchakarova is able to provide customized solutions to help organizations navigate the geopolitical landscape and make informed decisions.

At FACE, Velina Tchakarova brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to help clients plan for the risks and trends that may arise from the geopolitical environment of their country, region or sector while preparing scenarios for their business amid the complex challenges of the future.





FACE For A Conscious Experience e.U.

Velina Tchakarova (Founder), MA, BA 

Hauptstr. 13 G,

2371 Hinterbrühl,


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