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“A bad system will beat a good person every time." W. Edwards Deming

Global System Trends and Risks

I apply systems thinking.

I analyze Global System processes and structures, Global Order and the shifts of change.

I assess global trend developments and risks.

I provide an expertise on geopolitical and geoeconomic due diligence as well as systemic risks.

I organize and moderate expert workshops and webinars for public and private clients.

I have predicted the new Global System bipolarity

and coined the term Dragonbear (systemic coordination between China and Russia )

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About Me

With over two decades of professional experience and academic background in security and defense, Velina Tchakarova is an expert in the field of geopolitics. As the former Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in Vienna, Austria, Velina has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in analyzing the geopolitical landscape and its impact on businesses and organizations.

Currently serving as an instructor at the Real-World Risk Institute, a member of the Strategic and Security Policy Advisory Board of the Science Commission at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, and a peer board member of the Austrian publication Defence Horizon Journal, Velina Tchakarova offers a wide range of services for customers in the public and private sectors. These include research, consulting, lectures, and publication of papers on geopolitical issues, regional and global trends, risks and scenarios. She also hosts and attends conferences, webinars, expert meetings, and round tables, providing the latest insights and analysis on geopolitical developments to both private and public sectors.

At FACE, Velina Tchakarova utilizes her extensive network of experts and real-world experience to offer customized solutions for clients to navigate the geopolitical landscape and make informed decisions. She helps clients plan for potential risks and trends that may arise from the geopolitical environment of their country, region or sector, while preparing scenarios for their business amidst the complex challenges of the future.

PhD Candidate University of Vienna, Austria

M.A. Political Science/Political Science of South Asia in Heidelberg, Germany

BA International Relations and Macroeconomics in Sofia, Bulgaria

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As an accomplished researcher in geopolitics, I actively contribute to national and international research projects and consortia, such as FFG in Austria and or Horizon Europe. My participation in such projects helps deepen my understanding of evolving geopolitical developments and continually broadens my expertise. In addition to project-based research, I also contribute to the global discourse through my writing. I author book chapters, articles, and other scholarly contributions for international and European institutes, think tanks, foundations, and organizations. My published works aim to expand knowledge about geopolitical trends and risks, and to stimulate intellectual engagement with the complexities of the global system.

My research services center around understanding the global system, the risks and trends that shape it, and the transformations occurring within it – including globalization, deglobalization, systemic shifts, and fragilities. I offer in-depth analysis of the global order and the actors shaping it, providing insights into the constellations of global actors such as the USA, China, EU, Russia, India, and others. I examine their interactions and assess their impact on the overall system polarity, be it bipolar or multipolar. Furthermore, my research extends to geostrategy, geopolitics, and geoeconomics. I analyze strategic choices made by different countries and their implications on the global system. My research services offer valuable insights into the complex dynamics of the global system, empowering organizations and decision-makers to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

To learn more about how my research services can benefit your understanding of the global system and inform your decision-making, please feel free to contact me.


At FACE – For A Conscious Experience, we specialize in providing businesses and institutions with expert geopolitical consulting services. Our mission is to help you stay ahead of the curve, anticipating and planning for various scenarios that may impact your organization. Our portfolio of services includes comprehensive geopolitical risk analysis, tailored policy advisory, strategic forecasting, and country-specific consultations. We also offer custom training sessions, webinars, workshops, and lectures for public and private sector clients, enhancing geopolitical literacy within your organization. Our offerings go beyond mere reports – they equip you with the knowledge and insights to navigate global trends and risks effectively. Guided by our core values of meaningful connection, simplicity, and glocalism, we ensure our services are fair, transparent, and respectful of your unique context. Contact us to learn how we can empower you to make strategic decisions that will enable your organization to thrive in an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape.

1. Geopolitical Risk Analysis:

In an interconnected global landscape, geopolitical risks can impact your organization in unexpected ways. As a consultant, my services focus on helping businesses and institutions stay ahead of the curve by monitoring and planning for various scenarios. I provide comprehensive geopolitical risk and trends assessments, identifying potential risks and opportunities in your global operations. I analyze current and emerging geopolitical trends and their implications for your business, providing strategies to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities, enhancing your resilience and competitive advantage. All this is done with fairness and handshake quality, ensuring a meaningful connection with your concerns and goals.

2. Policy Advisory:

Cross-border operations can be complex due to a myriad of regulatory environments. My policy advisory service offers tailored advice to help you navigate these complexities. I keep track of policy changes, anticipate shifts in different markets, and provide recommendations to align your business strategy with regulatory requirements. With my help, you can focus on your core business, confident in your compliance with global and local regulations, while appreciating the simplicity and transparency of my advisory process.

3. Strategic Foresight:

In a rapidly changing world, staying one step ahead is crucial for success. I specialize in strategic foresight, helping clients anticipate and prepare for future trends and risks. I use robust methodologies to predict political, economic, and social trends, offering you a clear roadmap for the future. My forecasts empower you to make informed decisions, seize new opportunities, and mitigate potential threats. This service is not just about delivering reports – it’s about equipping you with the knowledge to navigate global trends and risks effectively.

4. Training and Workshops:

Understanding geopolitics is not just for the boardroom. I offer customized training sessions, webinars, and workshops on various geopolitical topics. These sessions are designed to enhance geopolitical literacy within your organization, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills to comprehend and respond to geopolitical events. I respect the diverse backgrounds of my clients and tailor my presentations to their specific needs and contexts, thereby embodying the principle of Glocalism.

5. Country-Specific Consultation (CEE and India)

If you’re looking to expand to new markets or enhance your operations in specific countries, my country-specific consultation service can provide you with the insights you need. I provide detailed analysis on the political climate, regulatory environment, social dynamics, and economic prospects of specific countries, helping you make informed strategic decisions. My consulting services are designed to help organizations stay ahead of the competition and make strategic decisions that will enable them to succeed in the long run.

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As an experienced speaker and recognized authority in geopolitics and geostrategy, I am committed to shedding light on the complex workings of geopolitics. I bring to the stage a wealth of knowledge gained from frequent participation in international conferences, expert workshops, and client meetings. As a regular guest on international, European, and Austrian TV and radio programs, I provide well-founded analyses and commentary on current geopolitical events and developments. My areas of expertise encompass Global System Transformation, Geostrategy, Global Order, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and regional focuses such as the EU, India, China-Russia, and the US.

Whether I’m delivering a keynote speech at an international forum or leading an intimate client meeting, my presentations aim to educate and inspire, sparking critical thinking about the future of the global system. My in-depth understanding of the driving forces behind global change empowers organizations and businesses to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that arise in our interconnected world.

In addition to speaking at conferences and client events, I also regularly contribute to public discourse through appearances and moderations at international, European, and Austrian events such as conferences and congresses. As a keynote speaker and moderator, I offer profound insights into current geopolitical developments and their significance for different sectors and environments.

I further contribute to academic discourse with lectures and talks at universities, diplomatic academies, and institutes across the globe. My goal is to impart in-depth knowledge and promote a deeper understanding of the complex world we inhabit.

To learn more about my speaker services and how they can help your organization stay ahead of the curve, please feel free to get in touch.

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