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“A bad system will beat a good person every time." W. Edwards Deming

Global System Trends and Risks

I apply systems thinking.

I analyze Global System processes and structures, Global Order and the shifts of change.

I assess global trend developments and risks.

I provide an expertise on geopolitical and geoeconomic due diligence as well as systemic risks.

I organize and moderate expert workshops and webinars for public and private clients.

I have predicted the new Global System bipolarity

and coined the term Dragonbear (systemic coordination between China and Russia )

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About Me

Velina is Head of Institute at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in Vienna, Austria. She has seven years of academic background and ten years of working experience in the field of foreign, security and defence policy analysis. Her work includes research, consulting, lectures and publications on Global System trends and risks as well as the geostrategy of global actors for the public sector and private clients.

PhD Candidate University of Vienna, Austria

M.A. Political Science/Political Science of South Asia in Heidelberg, Germany

BA International Relations and Macroeconomics in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Global System Risks and Trends, Global System Transformation (Globalization/Deglobalization, Systemic Shifts, Fragility), Global Order, Global Actors Constellations (USA, China, EU, Russia, India etc.), System Polarity (Bipolarity vs Multipolarity), Geostrategy, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics


Scenario Monitoring and Strategic Foresight Cockpit in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence in Austria

Simulation games at Wikistrat

Contributor to iSCAN and WYA

Member of the Steering Committee in EGIC

Frequent commentator on mass media platforms 

Presentations, webinars and lectures for public sector and private clients 

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Frequent participation in international conferences, expert workshops and internal expert meetings as well as private clients' meetings on Global System Transformation, Geostrategy, Global Order, Geopolitics  and Geoeconomics, the EU and other actors

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