What I offer

I provide geopolitical and geoeconomic briefs and due diligence by applying the approaches of systems thinking, network analysis and realpolitik. I analyze and assess Global Order and Global System processes and structures, current and future geopolitical and geoeconomic trends, risks, and scenarios. I assess relevant political and economic developments and identify the relevant signals and potential nexuses. I organize, moderate and participate on invitation in meetings, workshops, webinars, and conferences for public and private clients.



I conduct research on request regarding the Global System and regional geopolitical and geoeconomic trends, risks and scenarios, Global System Transformation, systemic risks, shifts of change, global supply chains, global and regional actors constellations, geostrategy, the USA, the Dragonbear, and other relevant actors constellations.



I offer consulting and due diligence on Global System trends, risks and scenarios, global and regional, geoeconomic and geopolitical processes and developments.



I am a frequent commentator on media platforms as well as a speaker in workshops, webinars, and conferences for private and public clients.

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Vienna, Austria

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