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A new New World Order? | Bronwyn Williams & Velina Tchakarova

In this episode of The Small Print, Bronwyn is joined by political scientist Velina Tchakarova to discuss global macro trends in a post-Covid world. Who are the big players shaping the new “New World Order” as USA hegemony is on the decline? What would an alternative global system facilitated by China look like? Will the new system be bipolar or multipolar? Bronwyn and Velina talk about possible alliances between global and regional powers, the importance of controlling the silk route, and the threats and opportunities facing Africa.

Bronwyn Williams is a futurist, economist, trend analyst and host of The Small Print. Her day job as a partner at Flux Trends involves helping business leaders to use foresight to design the future they want to live and work in. You may have seen her talking about Transhumanism or Tikok on Carte Blanche, or heard her talking about trends on 702 or CNBC Africa where she is a regular expert commentator. When she's not talking to brands and businesses about the future, you will probably find her curled up somewhere with a (preferably paperback) book. She tweets at @bronwynwilliams.

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