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My Apple podcast Velina's Talk in 2020

Updated: Sep 4


  • S01 - E15 USA and Europe relations under President Biden

  • S01 - E14 The Day After the 2020 U.S. Election

  • S01 - E13 US Election and Possible Implications for Europe

  • S01 - E12 Who will win the US election?

  • S01 - E11 Will Joe Biden be the Next President?

  • S01 - E10 Turkey and Libya

  • S01 - E09 US Foreign and Defense Policy Post-Covid-19

  • S01 - E08 Covid-19 and Russia-China Relations

  • S01 - E07 The U.S. Approach to China

  • S01 - E06 Australia: the Eagle and the Dragon

  • S01 - E05 Global Macro Outlook after Covid-19

  • S01 - E04 The Big Reset and India

  • S01 - E03 Covid-19 and the Middle East

  • S01 - E02 Disease, Disorder and Disunity

  • S01 - E01 The Post-Coronavirus Financial and Monetary System


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