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‘Around The World In 8(or so) Pages’ (ATWI8P)

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

I introduce you to the latest in the quarterly ‘Around The World In 8(or so) Pages’ (ATWI8P) outlook series published by Sune Hojgaard Sorensen.

In this outlook, Sune covers the fragility in complex systems and uses the EU as a point of reference. Furthermore, he digs into the developments and possible objectives of the Russian leadership for their recent moves in the MENA and the Sub-Saharan regions. Finally, he directs a spotlight on Mexico and Ethiopia, two nations with some interesting dynamics in play.

Two more contributions complete the analysis. The first is written by Seth Levine, who takes a look at the US via an exploration of the key question of whether it's time to prepare to fight the Fed or not. He evaluates the very nature of central banking, banking and money itself.

Link to my guest analysis. I offer a bird view on developments on the Eurasian heartland with China and Russia's growing partnership at the center of it (the Dragonbear) and the broader global effects it is causing. Furthermore, I explain two significant developments in the global affairs - the systemic rivalry between the USA and China; and the Helsinki 2.0 global order.

If you are interested in reading the long read of 41 pages, please contact:

Twitter: @LibrariumViews or @vtchakarova via DM

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