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Global System Outlook 2020

The Global System is clearly not anti-fragile; thus, the next financial crash or economic crisis would spread the contagion throughout the intertwined networks to a similar or even greater scale than during the GFC. Moreover, the sum of all systemic risks is now being reinforced by the Covid-2019 epidemic crisis, which might unleash yet unintended consequences of a higher order due to the disruption of the global supply chains and the devastating effects on the socio-economic networks, which no country or international company has properly prepared for. And yet, the most destructive influence on the current Global System will likely come from the global finance and monetary systems. This time, however, a systemic crisis might surpass any expectations in terms of its potential impact and unexpected consequences, as the next ‘bubble’ could appear everywhere. Hiding somewhere behind the stock and bond markets, but mostly emerging from the unprecedented monetary stimulation policy of Central Banks in the advanced economies.


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